Friday, February 1, 2013


So we hit the record last Sunday, and not just any record, but the coldest temperature we have experienced -record! It was also the record for the coldest temperature for feeding the dogs, going to the outhouse and getting firewood. And the funniest thing is, putting on clothes to manage the cold weather takes way longer time than actually performing those activities. But then again, it's hard not to freeze your butt in -50 °C...

On the other hand, if you went too close to the walls, you might freeze your butt anyway...

We took Stella inside the cabin since she wasn't eating too well and was getting a bit skinny. Needless to say, she loved being outside! She just sniffed around, watched us doing fire or eating, or Julien doing some external battery adjustments (yes, inside hobbies). And you couldn't believe the sad expression in her face when it was time to go back to the dog yard. Yes, we spoiled one dog, guilty!

Although it's a long drive home after work, in cold weather you appreciate even more the fact that you live outside the city. Fairbanks is just one big emission bubble when temperature drops and cold air prevents all pollution from getting to the upper atmosphere. Not that is good there either, but the air quality is lousy in these conditions. The other phenomena is ice fog that occurs when temperature drops below 40 °C. And when you combine these things together, it is almost impossible to be outside and breath.

 You gotta stay warm while driving!

But still, it wouldn't be a full Alaskan experience without extreme weather conditions!

Oh and if someone is wondering what the heck happened to our pictures, it's because we bought a pocket camera as we are getting ready for the summer and the big hike. The quality is lousy, but sometimes it's just so much easier...

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