Friday, February 8, 2013

Mile 101 - First day - getting ready

Today was a big day!

First we went to work to gather the last pieces of material and then we took the car and headed to the mile 101.

It was snowy and foggy and the further we drove the harder it was to figure out where the road was. We passed the twelve mile summit, a high point on the way, without too much trouble. Not all the drivers seemed to be so lucky, since we saw a truck deep in a ditch. When we got closer we noticed it was other volunteers from the mile 101 and of course we pulled off and helped to shovel snow around the car. Luckily DOT, Department of Transportation, plower came along the road and pulled the truck out. It seemed we already had our first adventure even before getting to the checkpoint!

We have satellite connection so we had to reduce the quality a lot

After we got to the checkpoint safely and without more difficulties. We mostly spent the afternoon unpacking all the gear, sorting the drop bags, preparing the straw, installing the satellite connection and trying to figure out if everything is ready for the race.

Then we spend the evening in the kitchen cabin, playing cards, eating and talking.

That was our first half day in mile 101. We are looking forward for the next one!

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