Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mile 101 - Second day - Last preparations

Today was the day we had to get ready, meaning really ready, for the race to hit the Mile 101. We are expecting for the mushers to arrive here on Sunday morning, the action isn't so far ahead!

We witnessed a beautiful sunset this morning, had a bacon-egg-bread breakfast and started the last preparations.

On the left, the sign in area, on the right Piia and the huge machine used to plow the road at the summit

The whole crew was busy the whole day, and we had more people coming to the checkpoint, like the manager Peter.

We sorted and organized again the drop bags and straw, prepared more firewood, set up the water for the teams, set the official bans on the walls of the cabins, organized the communication and cooking cabin, trail-breakers set the trails and the dogs yards, and we also had chance to have some fun.

We had nice lights on Eagle summit, on the right, some volunteers just jump off the roof under the pressure ;D

 The Communication cabin

It's getting really exciting to wait for the first teams to arrive, and we are thinking more and more how happy we are to be part of this group and this adventure. We are ready for hustle.

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