Friday, January 25, 2013

Meeting friends and planning future events

As most of you know probably, we are volunteering for the Yukon Quest at mile 101, a remote checkpoint with an amazing location, blocked between Rosebud summit (not as famous as Eagle summit but believe me it is as hard) and Eagle summit, I think that we can say that this checkpoint is usually pretty popular for the musher and dogs to rest and refocus.

The picture is from last year, this year it goes the other way so from Whitehorse to Fairbanks

Piia will be checker and help with dog yard and other tasks in the checkpoint. It is going to be really exciting, we hope that mushers will understand her accent after many hours of effort climbing Eagle Summit.
Julien will be in charge of communication, which is exciting since mile 101 is SO remote.

We are really looking forward for this adventure and hope that everything will go smoothly! We will try to get some pictures even though we are going to be pretty busy when musher will arrive. We are going to know who is first in mile 101, after that the musher will cross the Two Rivers checkpoint and cross the finish line.

We had a meeting about that on Friday where we met most of the crew and we planned the work we have to do there, we will leave the 8th of February and we expect the first mushers around the 10th.

Last week we also met many of our friends. On Thursday we visited our co-worker Lena's house and enjoyed dinner with Lena and her husband's cute 6-month-old son Gideon. 

On Saturday we had dinner with Scott, Kerry, the girls and our new "neighbour" Nick, who moved to the guest cabin and is taking a mountaineering class at UAF. And on Sunday we had a game night in Torben's and Danitza's place. So it was a very nice week with nice moments with very nice people.

Another hot news for us this week, the almost confirmation that Julien got a working holiday visa for our stay in Canada, it makes things a lot easier even though Piia can't get it. It will allow him to work with a real contract and to earn some money. Piia would be considered as common in law partner since we have lived together more than one year and will be allowed to stay in Canada but not to work.

We have a crazy project which could allow us to stay active in our domain of study while traveling, one of our solution could be to create a micro company in Europe and to charge our clients Canadian or US as international clients, that way we could do some remote work and enjoy traveling. But well we will see if this idea go somewhere if you know something about international umbrella company or societe de portage in french, let us know!

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