Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mile 101 - Seventh day - Closing up, with great memories

Boots of the Matthew Failor's handler

 Thursday was our last day at Mile 101.

Dyan Bergen was the 20th musher to come to the checkpoint in early morning with a very happy team! She stayed a few hours while we slowly started packing things.


Dyan leaving Mile 101

Trail breakers following the 20th musher

After Dyan left it took us a few hours to clean the checkpoint. Cabins and the yard looked so empty after packing all the stuff in our cars.

Burning the straw that once kept the dogs, the Yukon Quest heroes, warm

We were the last ones to leave and when we were standing outside we finally realized our Yukon Quest holiday was over and the Mile 101 checkpoint was closed. It seemed our car realized it as well, since after we saw Peter and Lukas driving away and tried to start our old Subaru, it didn't start... But it just needed a bit heating, and soon we hit the road.

Since the race in now over for all the 20 mushers, we can officially thank you everyone at the Mile 101 checkpoint for having us there, working with us and having fun with us. We fully enjoyed it from the beginning when we opened the checkpoint and started getting ready for mushers to arrive, to all the action during the days and nights, and until we closed the cabins and drove away with lots of amazing memories, fantastic photos and many new friends. It was a great pleasure to part of this adventure, one that we will never forget!
The current standings from the first until the end

See you at the Quest Finishing Banquet tonight!


  1. It was such a pleasure to have you both there. Thanks for being such fun, hard workers.

    1. Right back at you! Wouldn't be the same without great cooks taking care of us :)

  2. I followed your posts and wonderful photo's from Minnesota. Thank you for the great blog. You did a wonderful job on it.

    1. Thank you, it's nice to hear people are reading this and we were able to share the checkpoint life from inside. :)