Friday, August 3, 2012

New and old experiences at home

Last week was again a busy week at home.

Although summer is still here, we are fully getting ready for winter. That means making lots and lots of firewood. Every day. Well luckily Piia has already got over her childhood minitrauma about making firewood, and is really enjoying the hard work. And Julien is working like he was born with a chain saw in his hands. We are quite a good team for cutting and splitting!

It is also time for harvesting some of the hard work Scott and Kerry have done in their garden. We have now plenty of different kinds of lettuce, other greens, herbs and zuccini to have nice dinner every night. Easy, basically from your backyard!

Watch the video for prove...

Since we are not so good with mushrooms in kitchen, we just settle for photographing them. Plenty of them around our cabin, of course not all would be even suitable on a plate.

We were also very busy at eating cake last week. Kerry made delicisous ice-cream cake, a piece of heaven! We celebrated somebody turning, as Evie phrased it, 102 years old. Too many candles to blow, help was needed!

And we tried Scott's ATV as well. And got stuck. In mud. For half an hour. Funny story...

Sunday was an, well, interesting day. Scott's friend Tom came to help to butcher three goats that needed to be put in freezer. One of them was Little Man, who was born in May but suffered from some deficiencies. He was a happy little kid, but couldn't hear or move, and maybe even see very well, and since he hurt his leg badly some days ago, Scott and Kerry desided it was better for him to be butchered. Two other kids were about six months old and were ready to be dads, so they needed to go as well.

Luckily, we missed the action for Little Man, it could have been pretty hard to watch. But with the other two goats Piia decided to help. Julien didn't want to see that and rather kept company for the chain saw. For Piia, it was a lesson of anatomy and a reminder of the costs of eating meat. And she was even more convinced on her eating habits. Tom was very respectful and did his job very well, so Piia felt it was a good experience, even for Alaskan vegetarian.

The Sunday afternoon and evening we spent on a hay field, since Kerry and Scott are preparing for the winter themselves. The day was perfect for hay work: sunny, dry and hot. For dinner we had caribou and salads from the garden. And Finnish chocolate!