Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Window views

Last week we had fun checking out the things we could see from our windows of the cabin.
So we got pretty amazing view of northern lights. These are from upstairs, a view we can see when we go to sleep!

And at least during two mornings two mooses, a mother and a fawn from last year, have been eating birches in our backyard field. And according to the traces they have visited our yard as well.

The days are getting warmer, so you can also see more birds. The Grey Jay is a regular visitor.

And, can't forget the new member of our household (we can see it from our window though this picture is from the yard): Subaru Legacy 1990! Less than 160 000 mileage and starts like a star even in -30 degrees (here heating the car means starting it 15 mins before you go, not warming the engine before). At first the speedometer might show 140 km/h even though you're not even moving, but it settles down after a while. And we got 6 months of warranty! Like a co-worker said, we are living a dream! :)

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