Monday, March 19, 2012

GCI Open North American Championship

On Saturday we went to see another sled dog race in downtown of Fairbanks. The race was called GCI Open North American Championship which is a sprint race lasting 3 days including 20+20+30 miles per day.
The weather was cold and sunny, when we left from Two Rivers it was -30 degrees. It got warmer during the day though.

We saw very fast dog teams passing us and the difference between sprint and long-distance dogs was pretty obvious. Altogether 19 teams set off and they came back after about an hour.

There were other interesting events going on as well, like fur auction and another competition, North American Weight Pull. The dogs pull a sled filled with heavy bricks in four weigh classes and whoever pulls the most, wins.

So we definitely saw a lot of dogs and people and we were glad our toes survived the cold.
Beer with Tom and Melissa helped and we got to see a nice bar where people were getting happy and celebrating the St. Patrick's day.

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