Friday, March 2, 2012

First week

What a week, time goes so fast!

We left Tom´s place on Wednesday, the aim of the day was to find a car. For that we went downtown, we thought that Fairbanks isn´t a big city and that we could manage to walk the all way between SNAP office and downtown. I think that now we know :D! It´s a long walk especially in -20c. Anyway that was a good way to discover Fairbanks and its surrounding, to notice as well that it´s pretty hard to be a walker in Fairbanks : it´s very hard to cross the streets and the sidewalks are full of snow.
We visited a few car lots around the place but the prices were too high for us. Then went as well to the information center where they had a nice exposition about the life in Alaska, native people...
At the end of the day it was time for us to take place in the Scott´s car... heading to Two Rivers. We will have an article and even probably several articles about the life in Two Rivers, the live of Scott and his family there... There are thousands of stuff to learn from them.

The road to go there is just amazing! We left the city mile by mile and ended up on a snowy private road, in the middle of the huge Scott´s property. Our cabin will be available on Monday so until that we will be staying in a nice small cabin beside the Scott´s house.
The week was pretty crazy so we didn´t take pictures but we will for sure. We will as well describe the life there and our cabin in few weeks.
Thursday and Friday were as well dedicated to the car research without success. We can confirm that everyone is really helpful here, in SNAP office, in the information center, the people from international office..

Taking the bus here is really funny, every one talks to you and try to help you. We had a nice discussion with a native, he was telling us that his father was delivering the mail along the Yukon river by sledging, and that is how he lost his legs by frostbite. I think that´s the specificity of Fairbanks, you can meet people from all over Alaska, all over USA and all over the world with different stories, that´s pretty amazing.
We are now in Anchorage, waiting for the departure of Iditarod tomorrow morning.

It´s sometimes hard to realize where we are. For me (Julien) I really realized that I´m in Alaska when we came back from Scott´s place on Thursday morning. The colors were amazing all over the road, we saw the mountains of the Alaska range and then we arrived in Fairbanks, small smoky city in the middle of the hills.

The next post will probably be about Iditarod with lot of pictures I´m sure!

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