Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chena Hot Springs road & Resort

Last Thursday after work we decided to celebrate the sunny and chilly afternoon by driving to the Chena Hot Springs Resort. It is located at the end of the Chena Hot Springs road by which we live. So basically we just kept driving along the road about 30 miles and arrived at the resort. The funny thing about Alaskan main roads is that first of all, there aren't so many, and second of all, even the quite big roads seem to suddenly end in middle of nowhere, like the Chena Hot Springs Road. And many towns here, like Juneau, the third biggest town in Alaska, aren't accessible by roads at all.

The driveway to the resort is surrounded by White Mountains of Yukon-Tanana Upland hills and pretty nice landscape again, which we enjoyed a lot.

Chena Hot Springs Resort is a small community and has become famous for healing mineral waters that you can experience in a natural outdoor hot spring rock lake. The temperature outside was about -10 °C and dropping when we got to the pool, and the water was +41 °C heated by geothermal system. What a relaxation! Actually, we weren't stressed, because everytime something starts to bother us, we just remind ourselves "We are in Alaska!" :) but surely it was nice to just sit in water and enjoy  the cold in your face and warm in your body. We were sure even the cores of our bones were warm. The lake isn't so big so we were lucky that the resort wasn't crowded. It was peaceful and we enjoyed the cooling evening. Recommended!

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