Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two Rivers Solstice 100

This weekend we volunteered for the solstice 100, organized by Two Rivers dog musher association. The Solstice 100 is a race around Two Rivers, it's about 100 miles (or was supposed to be, but some problems on the trail made it a bit shorter) and starts from Pleasant Valley store. There is a 4-hour-layover after the first loop and then a second loop a bit shorter.

Piia helped with the paperwork and the bibs while Julien was on the parking lot where the teams were getting ready. About 10 teams took part in this race since many other mushers were at the Copper Basin 300.

It's pretty interesting to watch the mushers getting ready, you usually learn a lot just by watching. After the start, we went to a crossroad where Piia helped stoping the cars for the mushers and Julien took pictures. Then we went back to the checkpoint to check and learn how experienced musher deal with checkpoint chores.






On Sunday we took advantage of the good trail conditions to do our first run behind the mountain which sit at the back of our backyard. The area is quite nice, full of hills and with low vegetation, the dogs, Piia and me enjoyed a lot!

During the beginning of the week the weather went crazy and we had some rain, then in the middle of the week we got -15C, no need to tell you that driving to town was quite an adventure!

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