Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hiking trip at Granite Tors

The weekend began early; we went home after lunch and packed quickly some hiking stuff for a two days trip at Granite Tors. The temperature was awful, 30 degrees Celsius on our thermometer. Of course some people call it perfect summer weather, we call it sauna.

We took the trail loop by the East side which seems to climb faster to the ridge, so in theory more wind and fewer mosquitos (emphasize in theory). Beside the Chena river we had millions of mosquitoes on us and the temperature was incredibly high!!! Are we in Alaska? However the trail was nice and we saw a beaver building its dam. The forest was impressive with tall trees and when we reached the tree line the landscape was pretty nice. The granite Tors trail goes around a nice valley. After the low part the trail follows a mountain ridge and we could see the hills to very far in distance.

We went by a cabin and we were a bit worried for the water. In this temperature we were sweating a lot. Fortunately there was some water in the cabin. We decided to push a bit more to be able to see the midnight sun so we went through the Tors, which are some rocky formations. They rise from the ground like big rocky flowers. It gives a strange feeling, like you are not alone up there.

We put the tent on a flat summit and we watched the sun going really low and giving amazing colors. Despite the wind the mosquitoes were flying around and bugging us, a bit too much! It was not suppose to rain so we put just the mosquito net of the tent to sleep, it was pretty nice to fall asleep while watching the sun at 1 am.

The next day we woke up at 7 am and it was already too hot! We walked the end of the loop and the landscape was nice as well on this side of the valley. When we went down the mosquitoes became really annoying, they made us crazy!

After all this sweating and the mosquitoes we just jumped into Chena river to take a bath, well we wish... the water was really cold so we didn't really swim, anyway it was a really good shower, how nice is it to cool yourself in a beautiful and clear water as Chena river. It was soon lunch time when we went back at our place on Saturday. It was just Saturday and already so good weekend.

Will see what could make it even better...

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