Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Forestry and Two Rivers life

This weekend we were in charge at home because Scott and Kerry went for a camping trip in Denali park with their kids.

We had some objectives for the weekend, like taking good care of all the animals, starting the firewood process by moving trunks and cutting and splitting them, taking care of the growing vegetables and of course enjoying the beautiful weather!

So on Saturday, Piia's tasks in the barn:
  • Feed the chicks
  • Feed the chickens, ducks and roosters and collect the eggs
  • Feed the goats and milk the does
  • Let the goats and kids out for the day
  • Feed the quail

Julien's tasks in the dog yard:
  • Feed the dogs and fill water
  • Clean the yard
  • Fill the food cups for the evening
  • Give some scratching

Then we started the big tractor and went in the forest to bring all the trunks close to the house where we would cut them. We had first some trouble with the tractor before noticing the 4 wheel drive button which changed everything. (it was pretty strange to get stuck with a tractor ;D something was wrong).

We had some trouble with the chainsaw as well which apparently was a bit too old to cut so Piia ended up cutting the trunks with a hand saw! Her dad would have been proud of her :D.

Julien & Stihl

Piia & Stihl

We kept going like that all the day, making a big pile of wood and cutting and splitting some. During the day the buck broke free and was wondering around garden eating grass and of course, the vegetables! He has pretty big horns and he can be a bit violent. I tried to take him by the collar to bring him back to his fencing but he apparently wasn't happy with that so he attacked me. We had a small fight, him trying to hit me with his horns and me trying to avoid them. I WON! I controlled him by grabbing his horns and with Piia's help we brought him back in his yard. What a day :D.

Taffy and the horns

Then it was time to feed and water all our animals and our garden.

The bigger garden that Taffy didn't have a chance to enter. We are waiting for lots of things to eat!

At night we heard the crane couple singing at the field next to the cabin. Sometimes they come to the yard to say hello.

Sunday was about the same. We  also got some visitors, Wes and Wendy came to visit with some SP kennel dogs. We went around the dog barn and talked about mushing of course, it was pretty nice, we don't get so much visitors, the house is kind of remote :D!
The weekend was pretty nice, tiring of course and really hot but we had the feeling to experience the real Alaskan life while doing all that work, it was really nice to spend all the day out even if the mosquitoes did a great job bothering us!

 Still some work to do...

Temperature at 9 pm. It's summer!

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  1. great post Piia! Looks like you guys are ready for your own farm.