Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Angel rocks hiking trip

This weekend was suppose to be rainy, so we took our time on Saturday morning, we went to help with the barn, Piia milked some goats while I … played with goats :D!
Here the new chicks!

Chicks and kids are growing fast. Kids like to eat milk, hay and fleece!

After lunch we took Maggie with us (a black shepherd who might be useful in case of bear encounter) and headed to the Angel rocks trailhead on Chena hot springs road. In addition to Maggie we took a bell and a bear spray just in case, well the Maggie’s skills are just an excuse for us to take a dog :D.

The parking was a bit crowded as well as the Angel Rocks loops trail, fortunately once we passed this spot, we had the mountains just for us. We didn’t spend so much time around the rocks because of the rain. After some effort, we ended up above the tree line, where the main part of the trail takes place. The sun was shinny and the landscape was great, Maggie enjoyed every little bath she could find, it was so warm up there. 

At the end of the ridge we turned left in direction of Chena hot spring, there is a cabin one mile further where we stopped for the night. We shared a nice evening with our doggy friend and some mosquitoes, while we had a great fire outside. The cabin was nice and without so many mosquitoes.

The night was good except some hauling coming from wolves pretty close of the cabin.

In the morning there were no trace of the wolves fortunately, after a good nutella breakfast and some kibbles for Maggie, we hit the trail again in direction of Angel rocks. Again and with a different light, the landscape was great, we took our time on the ridge to enjoy it.

This time it wasn’t rainy, so we took a look at the angel rocks, pretty unusual rocky structure in a hill landscape, it makes the pleasure for a climber and give some pretty nice picture opportunities for hiker.

It was about lunchtime when we arrived at home and gave back a tired Maggie to her owner.

After lunch we worked in the garden with Kerry and Scott, we put a lot of potatoes. The afternoon was nice if we don’t mention the thousand of mosquitoes who made a good job driving us crazy, I (Julien) personally got about 20 bites just on my left hand and about as much all over my neck and legs…. Grrrr I hate mosquitoes but it was worth it, we did a good job and spent a nice weekend…
Can’t wait until the next one!

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