Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sunday with seeding and sightseeing

On Sunday morning we headed to barn first thing in the morning and Piia was able to milk two glasses of goat milk! Of course, other four or so glasses were left for Scott to milk, but still another achievement! Rooster Owen was attacking Julien when he went to collect the eggs, it's a pretty brutal scene to see the rooster jumping and using his spurs and peak. But the kids are growing up and the chickens and ducks are able to walk outside already. Barn life's good!

Afternoon we had some apple crumble and planted some seeds for next summer.

All kinds of tomatoes, onions and some herbs were first in row.

From this Sunday on we keep seeding some more and also moving the ones that have already been started to a bigger seedbeds. Hopefully in summer we'll have all kinds of food available from backyard.

For this we have again Kerry and Scott to thank!

In evening we decided to check the sunset from some place nice. So Scott started the snowmachine for us (after 10 minutes of sweating) and we headed to the hills nearby.

It was beautiful sunset and we just enjoyed the silence and nice view.

Video from the hills...

And of course, a moose came to see us too. Left running after seeing us though...

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