Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pleasant Valley Season Funale

On Saturday, after skiing back from White Mountains, we went to see the Pleasant Valley Season Funale. It is last dog race and the ending fest for the season as well for the Two Rivers Dos Mushers. The morning was snowy and grey, and so are the pictures. But we watched 14 10-dog teams and 14 6-dog teams to take of their race, 20 miles for the bigger teams and 10 miles for the smaller ones. We recognized Wes with Ryne, Abbie and Jason at least. Nice to see familiar faces in our small village! :)

And video :)
From the first start and Wes's start

There were different kinds of other activities going on as well and in afternoon the sun came out to celebrate with people. There were easter egg hunt for the kids, kids dog race and lots of great food. We had a nice talk with Wes while watching kids racing around a field. Nice community day indeed!

After getting back to the cabin the ski trip seemed to affect us still, and it was nap time. Julien 1,5 hours, Piia 3 hours. Well done!

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