Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easy like an Alaskan weekend

So what's new here now?
Well spring is definitely here, since it's +15 (C degrees) during days and only 32 (F degrees) at night (meaning zero celcius :). All the snow is basically gone and now we are just waiting for ground to dry a bit so we could go around and hike.

In the mean time, there's lots to do... :) On Saturday we got to know better the hiking gear selection in Fairbanks and had veeeery delicious potatoes dipped in mayonnaise for lunch. Have to try those potato skins one day, that seem to be huge delicacy here.

On Sunday Piia managed to milk 2 and half glasses of goat milk and having just a slight cramp in her hand.

Moon... kisses!

 Not sure if this was Brownie or...

Happy sunny faces :)

The dogs were relaxing and enjoying in the good weather as well and waiting for the ground to dry...

Here Marlin :)

And does are enjoying as well :) Nice spring day!

Then we relaxed and played some chess. Julien always won, and is still winning.
Piia tried to see the positive things like the sunshine, and,
well, the mosquitos that are already here... :)

Then we decided to go biking.
Now, the roads are really wet here, and muddy, and still a bit snowy and icy at the same time.

So in the video you see how it all went... :D

And we got back home just before the rain...


  1. It seems you have really good time there ... Enjoy your life my friends !!
    Huge kisses from nellim
    And Piia, good progress with milking and chessing !!!

    1. Thank you Nellim team! We are having good time for sure, what else could a bourricot and a hobbit do? We send huge kisses to Nellim and hope everything is as good as possible!
      And thank you for noticing my progress... It's not dog mushing but something new to do anyway! :D