Friday, December 21, 2012

Ready for Christmas and holidays

It is finally here, as Piia has been wishing and Julien has been fearing: Christmas! Which means we get a whole 2 weeks of cold, snowy winter wonderland holiday which we are starting in -42 degrees. 

We are intending to fill our holiday with eating, dog mushing, eating, skiing, eating, photographing, eating, resting and eating. If nothing special happens, we will be pretty much off the grid until the second week of January, so... 

With these pictures we wanted to wish our families, friends and all the people that have been reading our blog...

Chilly moments...

Great outdoor activities...

First we open the trails after a snow storm... And then we fix the snow machines.

Ready for mushing 

And delicious and peaceful Christmas!

Our year has been full of amazing adventures, new experiences and great moments, and we hope we all have as awesome new year 2013!

Stay tuned for more stories!


  1. You´ve had an epic year, and more to come! Thanks for both for sharing parts of it in here. Happy and warm holidays ;). -mari
    ps. I just love the picture where Piia is reading!

  2. :D Thank you Mari! We wish you could have visited us, I know you'd love the place! Happy holidays to Finland as well <3