Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Introducing the Escape Team and first mushing moments

Last week was very exciting since we got 6 new friends to live with us.

On Wednesday we started our couple of months as mushers and got our own team, that we proudly call the Escape Team. Not because they escaped (didn't even try) but because this is our escape to Alaska and mushing is very exciting part of our life here, and it also gives us chance to escape to the wilderness.

We owe a big thank you to our friend Sarka for borrowing us the dogs for the winter.

So here's the team:

Honza is our main leader and always wagging tale. He's very smart and knows when you are taking pictures of him. And what a handsome guy with bright blue eyes!

I asked Hector to smile and I think he did a great job! Hector usually runs in wheel, is very playful and first one to howl.

Stella is waiting for the dinner already. She's a beautiful girl and not at all as old as her birth certificate might say!

Nella was the last one to join our team and doing great in swing. She's the first one to greet you when you go to the dog yard and she's a beautiful sight!

Kacie is the blue-eyed princess of the yard, always around you willing for attention, some scratching and hugs. She's great in swing showing the leaders where to go, and even though small, really strong worker!

Terapin is the funniest looking dog, but also very sweet, if you are not a female dog. Usually Terrapin runs in lead with Honza and is not slow as the name might predict. She also gets the biggest amount of food every meal, which she likes a lot.

Even though the weekend was cold we went for mushing a couple of times. The dogs were doing great, considering they were running with rookie mushers who were struggling to stay on the sled, took turns like driving a tractor through trees, and weren't sure where to stop or turn. But we know eventually we learn the job and the dogs will trust us enough to take the turns and understand what we want from them. No matter what, we all, us and the dogs, enjoyed the short runs and the dogs were very excited to go, and go, and go again. Amazing furry machines!

Yummy, the dinner looks good! Kibbles and chicken with water, and they eat every single bit you give them!

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