Monday, November 26, 2012

Great housesitting in Murphy Dome

Starting from last weekend we were housesitting at a coworker’s place near Murphy Dome. Area is surrounded by hills and you can see the Alaska Range, and if it’s a clear day, Mount McKinley, from their living room window. 

 The House

  Landscape from the yard and property

And if you walk to the other side of the Old Murphy Dome Road, you can see the White Mountains and even a glance of the Brooks Range. What a place!

We were lucky with the weather, it was sunny every day. On the other hand it means cold weather, -20 °C at the coldest, usually with high winds that makes the air feel so much colder. 

But we still enjoyed our time outside, taking pictures of course, and going for walks, and Piia went for running and skiing a couple of times. You can say we enjoyed the “housesitting holiday” fully!

It seemed some moose had een running in property as well...

The location was also perfect for sunset and northern light pictures with lots of open area around. It seems we live a season of great solar eruptions and we were witnessing some of the greatest Aurora borealis ever! Or what do you think?



Housesitting chores included feeding six goats (Kong, Attie, Annie, Lupey, Colleen and Colville) twice a day. Sometimes we also let them out since they have a thick coat and they can handle cold weather. Usually they headed straight to the hay pile. Endless appetite! 

We had also pleasure to live with two very beautiful and funny cats, Boo and Ram, who stole our hearts right away. They are very playful and like to chase a fish toy and play with a ball. They were also relaxing on our laps while we took advantage of having TV for a while and purred happily. Usually Raw also slept with us, sometimes as Julien’s pillow, sometimes curling up next to Piia.

We had also a great opportunity to enjoy some game meals since Todd and Aleya have lots of canned salmon and moose meat. Boy it was delicious! And it was a perfect week!

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    Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Alaska.

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