Monday, October 22, 2012

Saturday with flying work, and freeky pumpkins!


Wow what a winter week! More snow and last night temperature dropped till
-21 °C (-5 °F)!
We love Alaska!!

Some work at home!

On Saturday we went to work, Piia worked hard while I was … flying :D. For one of my project, I need infrared data from an area in South of Fairbanks, I asked the pilot of one of those mission if she could bring me once, I love flying especially in Alaska, and she accepted. The weather wasn’t so great as you can see on the pictures and the flight was delayed many times.

At noon we finally took off and headed south between Fairbanks and Healy in a large and wild area. We tried to work but the clouds were too low, so the pilot gave me a touristic tour of our study area, we were flying really low, trying to spot some moose. We were able to catch some sun ray, it was really beautiful. I was sitting at the copilot place., which is pretty cool, even though I had to take care to not touch any pedals or driving wheel :D.

After about one hour of flight we went back to Fairbanks, it’s weird but onn that Saturday, I didn’t mind working  :D

Then on Saturday night we had pre-Halloween party with Kerry, Scott and kids. The night included watching classic Halloween story of Charlie Brown and the gang, having a garden soup and pumpkin custard and, of course, carving a pumpkin, again from our garden. Since we don't have these traditions for Halloween in Europe, it was a nice new experience.

All the carving fun!

Clyde and Lenny were enjoying as well!

Scott roasted pumpkin seeds for snacks, better than popcorn!

Hopefully the carved pumpkin won't scare us too much while giving light on our window sill...

On Sunday we got ready for our special guests for this week. It's time for the Kortsalo family to explore Alaska!

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