Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Compeau Trail - last summer memories

Although autumn is here and weather is getting cooler, we still have some summer memories to share.

In August we made an ATV trip close to our home, on a trail called Compeau trail which is the same trail we followed with a snow machine in winter. First 16 km you climb up following a side of a hill. Then the trail intersects with a dozer line and following the line you get to a ridge and also reach an amazing view to the surrounding hills and mountains. The day was beautiful, we had good stuff to eat. And we enjoyed! :)

When we came back we checked blueberries near the trail. And there were lots of them!!

And maybe the last summer memory would be a French man cutting last hay with a tractor. Got to tell you people, it was a summer in Alaska to remember! :)

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