Monday, July 16, 2012

Home busy home

This weekend we stayed at home, because Piia left for a field trip on Sunday morning. It was a busy weekend with lots of home chores to do…

On Friday evening Piia had  a invitation to a book club meEting that Kerry held. While Piia was enjoying good food and wine, Julien cut some wood. At least two and half hours! Well, at the end he was invited to eat the left-overs as well. A good prize for hard work!

On Saturday Julien woke up, jumped up and said ”Let’s go, I’m a bit busy today!”. Indeed, he had important task for the morning, meaning he had to prepare the watering system for the gardens. Getting that ready would mean we didn’t have to water the plants by hand anymore. It needs to be modified a bit but the system is working now, good job from Julien!

Our garden and the greenhouse :

 Scott and kerry's garden :

Piia worked in garden for the morning, without mosquitos and in good weather.

After salad lunch (to which we got the ingredients from the garden) Julien went to help Scott building a hay barn. Scott said this made process three times faster, and they could finally start to cut hay for winter needs. Piia made some changes in garden. She moved starters of lettuce and cabbage and mystery plants (surely some weeds too) to the end of the row and realized only half of the plantings were growing. Well it was good change to plant some more lettuce, so now we have a bit of carrots and peas, and maybe hundred lettuce coming. Can’t wait to see how it turns out…

Julien spent the evening cutting wood again (never gets tired of that) and Piia packed for the field trip. Then we had really nice dinner with Kerry and Scott and with the girls. Close to midnight we came back home, Piia finished packing and in the morning left to Anchorage. Julien was doing different kinds of chores on Sunday, splitting wood and helping with the hay barn again. Nice homey weekend!

And can’t forget, Piia went to pick up cloudberries on Thursday evening, here the result!

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